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Microsoft 365 PnP – General Developer SIG recording – 6th of August, 2020

Two demos: New source for icons at Flicon.io and Teams Messaging Extension with Authentication to surface documents for review. All open-source projects and metrics reviewed. Releases for CSOM Core library and PowerShell planned for August 10th.
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Let your users skip sign-in with Single Sign-On support for Microsoft Teams tabs

Developers can now build their apps to sign-in their users using the same account they are using to sign into Microsoft Teams -- giving users a more enjoyable and frustration-free sign-on experience and where they don't have to repeatedly enter their username and password each time they open the app.
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Frictionless app development and enablement with the new Teams App Submission API

GA announcement of the Microsoft Teams App Submission Graph API. This new Graph API allows all users at any organization to develop on the platform of their choice and submit their apps into Teams with zero friction.
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SharePoint Framework Community Call Recording – 30th of July, 2020

Three demos: Metrics from App Insights Dashboard, Accelerating the bundling process with Fast Serve and UI Debugging using Workbench customizer. Released PnPjs v2.0.7, Office 365 CLI – Beta v2.13, Reusable Controls v2 betas, Generator v1.15 and 6 SPFx Samples.
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Microsoft 365 PnP – General Developer SIG recording – 23rd of July, 2020

Three demos: Emojis in Lists, Company Communicator Teams app template, PnP PowerShell for Microsoft Teams. July 2020 releases - PnP CSOM Core library, PowerShell, Modernization tooling, and PnP Core SDK available as Nuget package.
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Microsoft Teams community call – July 21, 2020

Microsoft Teams July community call blog & recording are now available. Call featured Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio code & a call for feedback to enhance the Microsoft 365 developer program.
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MSAL.js 2.0 is now generally available with support for authorization code flow

MSAL.js 2.0 supports authorization code flow for single-page applications with PKCE and CORS is now generally available.
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Office 365 CLI v2.12

We've just published a new version of the Office 365 CLI with commands for managing Microsoft 365 tenants and SharePoint Framework projects on any platform.
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SharePoint Framework Community Call Recording – 16th of July 2020

SharePoint SPFx & JS SIG call – July 16. Three demos: SPFx web parts in Minesweeper game, Teams Channel Messaging and to create To Do tasks. SharePoint Framework v1.11, Office 365 CLI & SPFx Generator updates. 14 Samples delivered.
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Adaptive Cards community call – July 2020

Adaptive Cards July community call blog & recording are now available. Topics included Adaptive Cards v1.3 features & the new Adaptive Card Studio for Visual Studio Code showcased by Tim Cadenbach.
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Announcing SharePoint Framework 1.11: Extend more of Microsoft Teams, and publish to AppSource

We’re pleased to announce the next step to make SharePoint Framework solutions widely available by supporting publishing in Microsoft AppSource, the commercial marketplace for Microsoft 365.
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SharePoint Community – July 2020 monthly community call recording

SharePoint monthly call - July 2020. Featured topic: Updates on Microsoft 365 Information barriers. Updates on SPFx v1.11, .NET Standard 2.0 version of SharePoint Online CSOM API, engineering focus, training and training videos, and community appreciation.
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