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Man configures digital signage application that is running Windows 10 IoT Core and UWP.

Windows 10 IoT Community

Great projects start with great ideas. Get inspired by the people and projects in the community.

Windows 10 IoT community resources

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Online courses

Dive into the fundamentals of Windows 10 IoT Core with Michael Lehman's walkthrough on

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In-person training

Learn about Windows 10 IoT through an intensive one-day course from Sean Liming, a certified Microsoft MVP.

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Microsoft MVP community

Get questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable people in the Windows 10 IoT community.

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Windows 10 IoT Forum

Stuck? Confused? Post a question or look through responses on our Windows 10 IoT forum.

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Collage of Windows 10 IoT Hackster projects..

Start your own project

Discover the different projects that other creators have published with Windows 10 IoT on the Microsoft page.

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Videos from the community

From device management to security, check out a few videos from the Windows 10 IoT team.

Blog posts

Stay on top of our latest announcements for the Windows 10 IoT community.

Our technology partners

These partners offer complementary technology Windows 10 IoT can run.


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