What’s cool in Windows 10

The spirit of creativity lives in all of us. No matter what platform you work on, the Windows 10 Creators Update brings state-of-the-art features to make your apps more personal, natural, and intuitive. To take advantage of these amazing new capabilities, upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 and the latest SDK.

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality unlocks new experiences which merge the physical and virtual worlds. Design immersive apps for users with the HoloLens or other upcoming headsets from leading device makers.

Create great Surface Dial experiences

Windows Wheel devices, such as the Surface Dial, are a new category of input device that enable a host of compelling and unique user interaction experiences for Windows and Windows apps.


Interact with the most extensible digital assistant available using natural language and structured data. Cortana provides these powerful features to use with your own apps.

Windows Ink

Provide users with a natural way to create digital handwritten notes, drawings, and annotations with the Windows Ink platform. Whether from a pen, a mouse, or touch, you can capture and manage ink strokes in any UWP app.


The next generation web browser combines pixel-perfect page rendering with speed and ease of use. With unique Windows 10 features at its disposal, Edge makes browsing the web easier than ever.

Developer experience

Developer experience Windows has never been more flexible. Visual Studio 2017 and the Creators Update combine to introduce multiple improvements and new features to the Windows platform and beyond.

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What’s new for developers

View the detailed list of new features in the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK and extend your app in new and different ways.

Bring your app to Windows

See how to bring experiences to Windows 10—from the web, other mobile platforms, or a traditional Windows app.

Why Windows?

With the Universal Windows Platform you can create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices.

Dev success stories

Hear from devs who have built UWP apps that use some of their favorite features.

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