Yoshua Wuyts, Rust Developer Advocate

Yoshua Wuyts




Yosh is a developer advocate at Microsoft for the Rust programming language, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They've spent their career working on public projects, starting in Node.js but gradually moving to doing more in Rust until that became their primary focus.

They keep a blog where they write about designing the Rust language and libraries, and occasionally they make videos on programming and Rust specifically. When they're not working they love to cook (and tweet about said cooking), and goof off with their two (extremely cute) cats.

Office Hours

Yosh is always happy to grab a coffee and chat about Rust, programming languages, or tech in general. Times available are generally between 10:00 and 17:00 CET/CEST. Contact them via Twitter.

Notable Projects

  • Choo - A minimal JavaScript frontend framework.
  • async-std - A full reimplementation of the Rust stdlib using async Rust.
  • Tide - A pragmatic web framework built for async Rust.