Chloe Condon

Python / JavaScript / Android



Chloe is an SF based Senior Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. For the past 2 years, she has been working on educating developers on error logging and reporting tools, open source, and has been building a developer community at, where she created the (DevRel Award Winning) Sentry Scouts program (a camp themed meet-up ft. patches, s’mores, giant squirrel costumes, and etc). If you couldn’t pick up on the theatricality of Chloe’s meet-up, pre-engineering she was a professional musical theatre performer for over 20 years and has a BA in Theatre Performance from San Francisco State University. Perhaps the only engineer you'll meet who has been in "Hairspray", "Xanadu", "Carrie the Musical", and "Jerry Springer: the Opera"- she is passionate about bringing people with non-traditional backgrounds into the world of tech. Since her graduation from Hackbright Academy in December 2016, Chloe has worked with a wide variety of developer communities and loves to help developers’ lives easier.

In 2018, Chloe was featured in the Grace Hopper Conference gallery featuring 15 influential women in STEM by In early 2018 was named one of the "200+ Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain" and still knows absolutely nothing about Crypto and Blockchain. Seriously- not a thing. She considers it her greatest accomplishment. She is also passionate about bringing humor, empathy, and human-ness to tech. You can learn more about it in her keynote from DjangoCon 2018.


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Android