Jan Schenk

Diversity & Inclusion, Linux



As long as I can think I've been intrigued by technology (of many kinds). I started coding in Assembler back in the early 90s during school, and, after struggling to become a biologist (I dropped out of university in my second year, though biotech today seems appealing again), found my home for more than 10 years in the open source world as a PHP web dev on the Linux stack. After a mental dispute in 2008, I finally decided to join MSFT as a tech evangelist (interop, live, web), but it took me much longer to realize how openness was really defined. I believe in the power of dev communities, and how they are key to evolving tech into every aspect of life, including and welcoming anyone keen enough to learn. I'm a strong believer in the power of diversity, and see evangelism of the same as a main objective of my job. More about me: father*2, T1D cyborg and always curious learner on everything interpersonal & tech. Things I currently do in my spare time: read, code (python), building my loop (#openAPS, #wearenotwaiting), tinker on RPis and a classic car (a Thing).


  • D&I
  • Program Management
  • Linux