Tim Heuer

.NET / Xamarin



I've been working as a software developer ever since my studies in law. O_O – hey, tech paid the bills more than law was going to accumulate them. I've worked for Microsoft for 12 years and always in developer space, I absolutely love software development. Prior to Microsoft I wrote software for healthcare systems and interop systems (remember Site Server anyone?) to bridge brick-and-mortar AS400 systems to the Interwebs to sell their goods online. I've primarily worked on front-end technologies and specialized in UI frameworks with my time working on the WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows teams being the lead for the XAML framework. I love the challenges cross-platform brings to developers and how the cloud is a common denominator for mobile! I'm very excited to help .NET developers building mobile apps be successful on Azure!

In my spare time, I've become addicted to cycling and can usually be found trying to ride off whatever food I just ate in hopes to be able to eat some more. While I'm not in school anymore, I'm constantly being educated on what the cool kids are doing through my son and daughter and escaping with my wife whenever we can.


  • .NET / C#
  • Xamarin
  • XAML

Code, talks, and stuff