Build MC Program

The Build MC program features five top devs from the Windows Developer community, serving up tailored tracks of content from on the ground at Microsoft Build. 

Meet the Build MC Devs


Consumer Dev: Iris Classon

Iris Classon is fascinated with finding new ways of communicating with applications, beyond just pushing buttons. She's a consumer software developer and cloud architect at Konstrukt.




Commercial Dev: Ginny Caughey

Ginny Caughey is intently interested in modernizing legacy business software. She's a commercial developer as well as the president and owner of Carolina Software, Inc.




Mixed Reality Dev: Lucas Rizzotto 

Lucas Rizzotto is a self-taught MR fanatic with a laser focus on how developers can have a positive influence on the world. He's a founder at Where Thoughts Go.




Mobile Dev: Neil Turner

Neil Turner is obsessed with making well-designed, easy-to-use mobile apps. He's the lead Windows developer in the commercial mobility and aviation unit at ViaSat, Inc.




Newbie Dev: Hrishikesh Suresh

Hrishi Suresh believes developing is the truest expression of absolute creativity and hopes to strengthen the intersection of technology and medicine. He's a medical student as well as the co-founder and CEO of NeuroGate.