Build MC

Commercial Dev: Ginny Caughey


Ginny Caughey is president and owner of Carolina Software, Inc., which provides software to the solid waste management industry. While she mainly focuses on commercial development, Ginny also has an app in the Microsoft Store called Password Padlock. The latest version is now in beta and includes features introduced in the Fall Creators Update.  


Build is her favorite industry conference As she sees it, Build has helped future proof her business, and that of her customers, by demonstrating how to move forward and iterate on current code. She believes in asking “what’s next” and updating to Windows 10, embracing the technology therein, is necessary for competitive advantage. 


As a Build MC, she brings decades of hands-on experience in software development. Ginny looks forward to learning about trendy new technology and is especially interested in insight around modernizing legacy business software still in very active use. 



Ginny's Microsoft Build Schedule

Day 1: Monday, May 7

  • Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella
  • Technology Keynote, Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge – by Scott Guthrie
  • TSP2104 MSIX Packaging Tool
  • TSP2115R1 MSIX customization
  • BRK2432 MSIX Inside and Out
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Welcome Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, May 8

  • Technology Keynote, Microsoft 365 Application Development by Joe Belfiore
  • BRK3501 Modernizing Desktop Apps on Windows 10
  • THR3306 Tying it all together – Modernizing Enterprise Applications
  • BRK3504 Seizing the Mixed Reality Revolution – A past, present and future Mixed Reality Partner perspective
  • BRK2423 What's New for Windows UX Developers: Fluent and XAML


Day 3: Wednesday, May 9

  • BRK2430 Harnessing the Power of AI with Windows Ink
  • BRK2416 Accelerating Windows 10 enterprise app deployment with MSIX
  • BRK3502 Rapidly Construct LOB Applications with UWP and Visual Studio 2017
  • Build MC Panel, Live on Channel 9 at 4pm PT
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Closing Celebration