Build MC

Consumer Dev: Iris Classon


Iris Classon is a software developer and cloud architect at Konstrukt. She’s also a Microsoft C# MVP and member of Microsoft Extended Experts Team (MEET). Iris began her career as a licensed and registered clinical dietician until discovering a tremendous passion for programming. She combined the two skill sets when working on apps for Microsoft Band. 


Since becoming a developer, Iris has written two books on programming for Windows and is working on a third. She’s very engaged in the developer community and hosts the "Get Up and Code" podcast. Iris is fascinated with finding alternative input methods—that is, ways of communicating with an application beyond just pushing buttons. 


As a Build MC, she can speak to developers with all ranges of experiences—from newbies to experts. Having started programming later than most and after being doubted by some, she hopes to encourage other developers and let them know it’s never too late to learn. 



Iris' Microsoft Build Schedule

Day 1: Monday, May 7

  • Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella
  • Technology Keynote, Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge – by Scott Guthrie
  • BRK2411 Designing for Everyone: Building great web experiences for any device
  • BRK2426 Windows AI Platform and the Intelligent Edge
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Welcome Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, May 8

  • Technology Keynote, Microsoft 365 Application Development by Joe Belfiore
  • BRK3501 Modernizing Desktop Apps on Windows 10
  • BRK2404 Building performant and re-engaging web apps with Service Worker
  • BRK2423 What's New for Windows UX Developers: Fluent and XAML

Day 3: Wednesday, May 9

  • BRK2401 Adaptive Cards in Bots, Windows, Outlook and your own applications
  • BRK2412 Developing for Sets on Windows 10
  • Build MC Panel, Live on Channel 9 at 4pm PT
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Closing Celebration