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Mobile Dev: Neil Turner


Neil Turner is the lead Windows developer in the commercial mobility and aviation unit at ViaSat, Inc. He currently creates software for flight operations for pilots, flight and ground crew. Neil started developing as a hobby and began his career building Xbox projects.  



As both a Microsoft MVP and volunteer code teacher at Coder Dojo in Dublin (a network of free computing programming club for young people), Neil is very active in the developer communityHe’s obsessed with making well-designed, easy-to-use apps and considers the easiest ones to use as the most difficult to design.  


Having attended Build in 2014, Neil looks forward to meeting other developers in person and seeing new Windows 10 features come to life at the 2018 conference. As a Build MC, he brings a practical perspective and past-experience working with Windowsovercoming challenges, making an app, and getting it into the Microsoft Store.



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Neil's Microsoft Build Schedule

Day 1: Monday, May 7

  • Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella
  • Technology Keynote, Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge – by Scott Guthrie
  • BRK2411 Designing for Everyone: Building great web experiences for any device
  • BRK2428 Building Progressive Web Apps for Windows Devices
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Welcome Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, May 8

  • Technology Keynote, Microsoft 365 Application Development by Joe Belfiore
  • TSP2107R1 Bringing cloud powered UI to Windows 10 XAML applications
  • TSP2112R1 Windows Template Studio
  • BRK2438 Windows 10 on ARM for Developers

Day 3: Wednesday, May 9

  • BRK2415 Microsoft Store and Dev Center: Updated and New Features to help you be Successful
  • BRK3503 Creating Innovative Experiences for Fluent Design Using the Visual Layer
  • TSP2101R2 Build Hybrid Applications Faster and Better on Windows
  • Build MC Panel, Live on Channel 9 at 4pm PT
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Closing Celebration