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Newbie Dev: Hrishikesh Suresh


Hrishikesh Suresh, or Hrishi as he's known by friends, is a medical student whose passions range from neuroscience and surgery, to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and coding. He aspires to merge all these interests together. 


Hrishi is the co-founder and CEO of NeuroGate, an AI-driven diagnostic and treatment platform for neurodegenerative disease. The NeuroGate application, now called Stride, was developed solely on the Windows platform. NeuroGate won the championship at Imagine Cup Canada 2017 and came in fourth place at the world finals.   


He has previously followed Build online, and this year will be the first time he attends the conference in personAs a Build MC, Hrishi brings an entrepreneurial spirit and a unique perspective as an accomplished  young developer.  



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Hrishi's Microsoft Build Schedule

Day 1: Monday, May 7

  • Vision Keynote by Satya Nadella
  • Technology Keynote, Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge – by Scott Guthrie
  • BRK2426 Windows AI Platform and the Intelligent Edge
  • THR2401 Turn good code into a great business
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Welcome Reception 

Day 2: Tuesday, May 8

  • Technology Keynote, Microsoft 365 Application Development by Joe Belfiore
  • BRK3501 Modernizing Desktop Apps on Windows 10
  • BRK3501 Fluent Design: Evolving our Design System

Day 3: Wednesday, May 9

  • Adding Visual Intelligence to your application with Windows Machine Learning
  • BRK2415 Microsoft Store and Dev Center: Updated and new features to help you be successful
  • Build MC Panel, Live on Channel 9 at 4pm PT
  • Microsoft Build 2018 Colsing Celebration