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Case Study: Minecraft Dungeons Cloud Gaming Experience


Game Stack Live is coming up! Game Stack Live is about helping game developers like you better build, run, and grow your titles.

This week's spotlight? Multiplayer Services.  

Case Study: Transforming Minecraft Dungeons into a Great Cloud Gaming experience 

We're going to show you how we took the console and PC version of Minecraft Dungeons and updated it to play great on mobile phones in just seven weeks. In this talk, we will walk through what we learned throughout the process and show examples of how you might be able to apply this to your own game. 

Speaker: Shawn Farkas, David Nisshagen 
Track: Multiplayer Track 

Q/A Interview with David Nisshagen 

Q: Tell us about your role at Microsoft 
A: My name is David Nisshagen and I am the executive producer of Minecraft Dungeons at Mojang. 

Q: What can attendees expect to hear from your talk?  
A: Our talk will be most relevant for developers building games on the Xbox platform who are curious about how to implement touch controls so players can easily and more conveniently engage with games on touch-enabled mobile devices via the cloud. This is great because it opens up an entirely new audience with little additional work. 

QWhat's something interesting we can expect to learn from your talk? 
A: We plan to share a comprehensive overview of our experience bringing our console and PC game to mobile from start to finish. We're going to detail why we decided to pursue additional touch controls for a game that was not necessarily built with them in mind. We'll dig into the insights that informed our mobile experience. We'll talk through the development timeline and investment required to implement touch controls. And we'll give an honest assessment of the end result. 

Don't forget! Registration is free and open to game developers around the world. This 24-hour event kicks off in The Americas at 8:00am PDT (UTC-7) on April 20, moves to Asia Pacific at 8:00am JST (UTC+9) on April 21 and finishes up in Europe, Middle-East, Africa at 9:00am CEST (UTC+2) on April 21. 

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