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Meet engineer and indie studio founder Attilio Carotenuto


Welcome to our series highlighting new Game Dev Ambassadors! Our next ambassador puts the spotlight on Attilio Carotenuto. As a game engineer and the founder of an indie game company, Attilio is a fantastic addition to our Game Dev Ambassadors program.

What got you into game development?
A passion for playing videogames, and for the technical and design challenges that come with making them. Ever since I was a child, I was always tinkering with programming, creating small games and prototypes, and mostly learning by doing. That never stopped and eventually became my career.

What game development project are you proudest of?
I would say The Cycle Frontier. It's a PvPvE first-person shooter where explorers called Prospectors fight against other players and monsters to survive and collect resources in an alien world. I believe me and my colleagues at Yager have been doing an amazing job, and it's very exciting to see that being rewarded right now during our closed beta.


How would you like to contribute to the community?
I am looking forward to sharing my experience, inspiring, and helping others get into game development. It's a very exciting and rewarding career—making games has never been so accessible and easy. Our role should be to reduce barriers of entry and make sure that everyone who loves games can contribute, learn, and get involved.
What are you doing right now game development-wise?
I am Lead Online Game Engineer on The Cycle Frontier at Yager, taking care of the infrastructure, backend, server hosting and game features. We use Unreal Engine 4, PlayFab and Azure to build the game.

What is one of your favorite MS Game Dev features or tools?
We are using PlayFab and many Azure services to build and keep The Cycle Frontier running, and it's amazing to see how much work that took off our shoulders. We can scale our infrastructure and game servers in minutes, add new regions with no downtime, and manage our userbase, all while focusing on making a great game.

What are you most looking forward to in this program? What do you hope to do as an ambassador?
Helping to make the game industry more accessible, through technical articles, blog posts, and meeting developers at conferences, universities, and meetups. Being able to have a say in Microsoft Game Dev's roadmap and internal products is also very exciting. Finally, I can't wait to meet and share ideas with other ambassadors at our first Game Dev Community Summit.

How has your voice impacted the community, and how do you envision your future impact?
On multiple occasions, I had the chance to meet students and younger developers and answer their questions on what it is like to work in games, and the best ways to get started. Getting into the game industry may look daunting and scary at first, but often all you need is passion and practice. There is also a huge demand for game developers in all disciplines. I look forward to continuing doing that.


What skills or resources made you a great fit for this program?
I have been making games professionally for more than 12 years, in companies such as Playfish (Electronic Arts), King, Foxglove (THQ Nordic/Playstack) and Yager. In between, I have been an independent developer for some years. For these reasons, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to inspire others to get into the industry and to make great games.

What is one of your favorite game development platforms/communities, and why?
I often read, and sometimes write articles, on Gamasutra (now It's an interesting community, as many experienced developers are sharing their expertise and engaging with each other. I'm also active in the Game Dev Discord, where I can share feedback on how we use PlayFab and Azure and help other developers. And, of course, the Game Dev Ambassadors Discord.

What are you most excited about in the community's future?
The game industry is getting more exciting every day. We always need new developers, fresh ideas, and new perspectives to keep it interesting and engaging and to continue growing. So, I can't wait to see what the future holds, especially with the new generation of consoles, and being able to support it as an ambassador.

Attilio is currently working on The Cycle Frontier using tools like Unreal and PlayFab. Check out the beta version of his game here!
If you want to become an ambassador yourself, check out our process here!

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