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Microsoft & La Guilde – Azure PlayFab for Game Developers


Join Microsoft and La Guilde for a game developer-focused event where we'll walk you through why Microsoft Azure PlayFab is the comprehensive ecosystem to empower game creators to build, run, and nurture their games.

We'll dive deep into how the Azure PlayFab platform, used by titles such as HALO, Flight Simulator, Minecraft, Doom Eternal, and Forza Horizon 4, complements your existing backend infrastructure to meet your needs across building and operating live games, while also improving your business at scale.

Here, we'll go over business briefs, solutions overviews, and hands-on technical demos from a distinguished line-up of industry professional and subject matter experts. You'll learn how PlayFab was utilized by Catalyst Black, recently featured in the iPhone 13 launch, to deploy in days, optimize and automate processes, and save cost at scale.

Made possible with Azure Services, discover how PlayFab connects with Azure to help studios run their games as a service, bring players together, gain deeper insights into gameplay, and understand user behaviour.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from our distinguished speakers!

Here are some of the sessions that will be hosted:

Getting started with PlayFab with Andy McCalib
Andy McCalib is a Principal Engineering Lead for Xbox Live and PlayFab, building SDKs for Microsoft's gaming services. In this session, Andy will introduce the basics of getting started with PlayFab in your game. Using a Unity sample, he'll demonstrate logging into PlayFab, storing user data in the cloud, creating a leaderboard, and sending telemetry.

Delivery done with PlayFab with Andrea Doyon
◦ Andrea Doyon is the Founder & CEO of Alice & Smith from Alice & Smith, a full-stack studio that has operated complex PlayFab integration and large-scale orchestration for global clients such as NBA, Paradox Interactive, Funcom, Zynga, and Super Evil Mega Corp. In his session, he will go over his experiences in delivering with the Azure PlayFab platform and how it's allowed him and his company to build game features in days, accelerate deployment turn-around, all while saving cost.

PlayFab with Azure Services with Johannes Ebner
◦ Johannes is a Backend and Systems Engineer by trade and has worked at Microsoft since 2019 to help game studios across the globe to implement Online Game Services on Azure. Over the last two years, he has specialized in Game Streaming/Cloud Gaming and Cloud Native Game Production. In this session, Johannes will walk you through a project he recently created to extend PlayFab with a Match History using the extensibility mechanisms allowing you to tap into the full potential of the Azure Cloud.

Make sure to secure your free ticket now, we'll see you on Tuesday November 30th @ 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET.

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