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Perforce development tools and services available on Azure

Game creators now have access to Perforce development tools and services running onAzure with 1-click deployment

Today we're excited to announce that Microsoft Azure is teaming up with Perforce to give independent game creators better access to best-in-class tools through a free Enhanced Studio Pack running on Microsoft Azure.

Part of a broader partnership between Azure and Perforce, the Enhanced Studio Pack provides enterprise tools in a simple, pre-configured environment. With the infrastructure needed to support large files, numerous iterations, and remote team members — any studio can get up and running quickly. This makes it possible for studios to develop high-quality, game-changing experiences as fast as possible.

"At Perforce, we know that just because a team is small doesn't mean their development challenges will be. Indie game creators have told us handling massive game engine files and working with remote team members not only impedes their creative process, but can delay launch. Our products help creators with these issues. We wanted a faster, easier, and more flexible way to help them, and that is exactly what the Enhanced Studio Pack on Azure is designed to do." - Brad Hart, CTO

The Enhanced Studio Packis a click-to-start solution for Perforce cloud deployment that use a combination of infrastructure as code and configuration management. For teams without an admin, it's a game changer. Now teams across industries can deploy version control and project management solutions by simply selecting tools necessary for their current project or team.

The Enhanced Studio Pack includes these Perforce products:

      • Helix Core (P4D) Server — version control
      • Helix Swarm — code review
      • Hansoft — project management

Enhanced Studio Packs also include an optional component called the Perforce Windows Workstation. This Windows workstation is virtualized in the cloud to allow users to take advantage of high-end hardware. It includes common software preinstalled and preconfigured for the Enhanced Studio Pack environment (Helix Visual Client P4V, P4Merge, Helix Sync, Unreal Engine, Blender, etc.).

Simplifying cloud deployments allows teams to deploy quickly and get people working fast. Focus on more high-value tasks like creating a backlog, setting up their game engine, and submitting changes. We know cloud can be confusing. But with the Enhanced Studio Pack, anyone can get their environment up and running easily.


"At Microsoft, we're on a mission to help unlock technical, creative and economic opportunities for game developers everywhere through our tools and services. By providing best-in-class DevOps solutions for game studios of all sizes, Perforce is an important partner on that journey. With Perforce's Enhanced Studio Packs now running on Microsoft Azure, we are expanding our solutions for the specific development needs of game creators with battle-tested gaming services, backed by the most trusted and secure enterprise cloud." - James Gwertzman, GM Gaming Vertical

In partnership with Perforce, Azure further cements itself as the cloud that empowers game creators of all skill levels to build the bold and ambitious titles they dream of building. To help jumpstart innovation, we're offering the first 200 customers to deploy Enhanced Studio Packs $500 dollars of free Azure credits (no credit card required). To get your promo code, please sign up at Perforce.comYou'll receive an email with instructions. After you've received the code from Perforce, visit microsoftazurepas​ and follow the Azure Pass redemption instructions 1 

1 Azure Credit Terms and Conditions:

      • Do not redeem the Azure Pass offer with an account that is attached to an Enterprise Agreement. Please talk to your Microsoft Representative.
      • Azure Pass offer must be redeemed within 90 days of being receipt.
      • Only one concurrent Azure Pass offer can be redeemed per account / ID.
      • If you remove the monetary cap by providing a payment instrument, your account will be converted to a pay-as-you-go subscription at the end of the offer duration.

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