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PlayFab and Gameye bring Azure closer to the player

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We're joined by Jürgen Stirnweis, Head of Marketing and PR at Gameye, a leading provider of containerized, scalable game servers, to learn more about how Gameye is bringing Azure closer to the player.

Since becoming an official Microsoft Azure partner in September 2018, Gameye have built up extensive Azure knowledge, and developed a solution to deploy and operate latency-sensitive games in the cloud. Working closely with the Azure Gaming Global Black Belt team on a day to day basis, Gameye and Azure ensure game studios are getting the best support for their game development.

Founded in 2017, Gameye has gone from strength to strength in the game server hosting world by designing a simple to use, highly scalable system that can be deployed on any bare metal or cloud-based machine/VM. In turn, this allows the game server to be closer to the player, which ultimately gives the best possible experience. The key difference with Gameye's scaling system is that Gameye is session-based, such that the end-user only pays for what they use; there's no excess capacity.

cars on a race track

How Game​ye helps game studio's run their game on Azure

Gameye uses containerization in order to package and run game servers on Azure. This means we don't need to do anything special to get the Azure system to work. We package the game server on our side, test it, then upload the container directly into the cloud. This allows us to know exactly what resources are needed and allows us to bill per session, rather than monthly.

Because of our partnership with Azure, we get access to the most powerful cloud services on offer. Right now, we are fully optimized to use the D and F series VMs to their maximum capacity. For the end-user, this means the best possible experience from a compute point of view.

The system we have developed, combined with the power of Azure means we can efficiently and effectively scale the compute power depending on player demands. If you were to launch a game that becomes an overnight success, literally, there wouldn't be queues for your players to get in or server full messages. Why? Because we'd spin up enough capacity in Azure to cope with this. Whether it be 1 game server or 100,000 game servers.

Gameye's systems are naturally integrated with Microsoft Azure PlayFab, too. Azure PlayFab's game backend services, such as their matchmaking tool can be seamlessly used together with Gameye's server hosting to provide the best possible experience for your players.

Sebastiaan Heijne, CEO Gameye adds: I'm very proud of what we have achieved with the Azure and Azure PlayFab team, as well as the partnership and the innovations this Microsoft has brought us.

Gameye automatically adopts the results of Azure PlayFab's geo matchmaking and places the game server inside the region that's determined to be closest to all the players that will play in the session. Running mobile multiplayer games on Azure PlayFab can leverage Gameye's Edge infrastructure to further optimize latency for players on the go by using servers directly inside the mobile ISP's networks.

​Learn more on the Azure PlayFab integration on GitHub: