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PlayFab @ Game Stack Live

​​​​Sea of Thieves gameplay screenshot featuring a boat on the openseas.

Following our decision to withdraw onsite presence from the 2020 Game Developers Conference we streamed a digital-only event called Game Stack Live from March 17th to 18th. (Check out the recordings on Mixer if you missed us live.)​

During the show we showcased PlayFab services used by our First Party studios including Multiplayer, Economy, and LiveOps. We also uploaded over a dozen talks to YouTube, with more to come in the future. PlayFab specific talks are linked below for easy access. If you have questions relating to these videos you can reach us on Slack or Discord. Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you online soon.

Level up with Azure PlayFab

Watch our new trailer showcasing how some of today's biggest games use PlayFab online services.

Multiplayer with Azure PlayFab (featuring Gears 5)

Discover how Gears of War 5 uses PlayFab to power multiplayer experiences. Bring your players together with cross-network identity, multiplayer servers, accessible party chat, translation and more.

Cross platform multiplayer with Azure Playfab

Learn more about Azure PlayFab's cross platform Multiplayer Services.

LiveOps Masterclass with Minecraft

With over 100 million monthly players, Minecraft is one of the largest and most influential games on the planet. No matter the size of your game, having an effective LiveOps strategy is critical to boosting player engagement and retention over time. Learn how Team Minecraft uses the building blocks of Azure PlayFab to customize their LiveOps and analytics strategy to support their growing player base around the world.

Growing your community with user generated content

Letting players create and sell their own content in your game is one of the best ways to engage your community. Learn how Minecraft utilizes PlayFab's Catalog and UGC system to provide a streamlined workflow, content moderation tools, and an in-game store that supports user generated content.

Beyond Games as a Service with LiveOps

Discover how a LiveOps mentality can help grow your game.

CloudScript with Azure Functions: Level up with Azure PlayFab

Learn about CloudScript with Azure Functions, a new PlayFab feature that unlocks support for new languages (including C#), as well as local debugging in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Asynchronous execution allows CloudScript Azure Functions to run for extended durations (up to 10 minutes, with no limits on API calls) and gives you the freedom to leverage other Azure features including CosmosDB, Azure SQL, MongoDB, and EventHub.

Rare: Building Sea of Thieves with a LiveOps Mentality

In this video Rare takes us up to the crow's nest to talk LiveOps, including how the team plotted the future of Sea of Thieves (with clever game design and chests full of data).

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PlayFab is a part of Microsoft Game Stack which offers the tools and services game developers need to build, manage, and share their passion with players around the world.