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Roblox and Azure PlayFab Partnership

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Back at GDC, we announced that PlayFab would be collaborating with Roblox to bring our game analytics tools to top Roblox creators. This weekend, at their fifth annual Roblox Developers Conference (RDC), Roblox provided more details — namely that our analytics service would be available for free to the top 10,000 Roblox creators.

We’re excited by this, because it recognizes and validates the Roblox platform as a true gaming platform. By putting game production and publishing into the hands of millions, Roblox has thrown open the doors to an entirely new generation of game developers and we are so proud that PlayFab will play a part in this movement.

I believe Roblox will help democratize video game production. The Roblox community is truly global and is growing exponentially; Roblox recently surpassed 100 million monthly active players and has over 2 million individuals creating their own experiences on the platform. The top 10 games hosted on Roblox each have enough players to be considered top games if they were independently published.

My colleague Crystin Cox, Director of Live Operations at Xbox Game Studios Publishing, had a chance to share her experience with Roblox creators at their RDC in a keynote talk this past weekend. One of her big themes was that effective LiveOps is as much a culture shift as it is a technology shift. Doing LiveOps well requires a new approach to game design that emphasizes iteration and experimentation, and really puts the player at the center of design — as opposed to putting the developer at the center. This type of lesson is just as relevant to Roblox creators as it is to Microsoft’s own first party studios.

Our industry tends to initially dismiss games that aren’t born out of AAA studios with massive budgets. As the growth of Roblox demonstrates, small games, built by small teams, can be just as relevant to players as huge games built by huge teams – and sometimes more so. We hope this collaboration encourages the broader industry to look more closely at what’s happening over on Roblox, and to see the impact they are having by putting game production and publishing into the hands of the next generation of creators.

From the start, PlayFab has been driven by the desire to help our developers unlock their creativity. We are humbled by the trust Roblox has placed in us to provide their top creators with professional-grade analytics and look forward to enabling them to make the best games possible.

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