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Session Spotlight: How to Test Gameplay With Data

How to test gamplay with data: A teletetry-driven process to boost confidence at scale

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This week's spotlight? Production & Publishing​

How to Test Gameplay With Data: A Telemetry-driven Process to Boost Confidence at Scale

Game telemetry is a powerful, but underutilized tool in the test/quality space. We aim to flip the status quo of games testing by empowering everyone from developers to active users to contribute to the passive verification of game features and behaviors. We will highlight a method employing the scalability of the Azure ecosystem and flexibility of Python to turn our game telemetry into actionable insights and bugs. Let everyone who touches the game, test the game.

Speakers: Eve Maquelin; Tim Marshall

Track: Production & Publishing​

Q/A Interview with Eve Maquelin & Tim Marshall

Q: Tell us about your role at Microsoft

A: We (Evë and Tim) hail from the land of data-driven quality. As members of the Studios Quality organization, we partner with and support a variety of first-party Xbox Game Studios. We aim to push forward state-of-the-art testing techniques that leverage game-client telemetry, statistics and machine learning.

Q: What can attendees expect to hear from your talk?

A: Our talk will benefit those who want to turn all their internal, flight, user research and retail players into testers. To achieve this goal, developers, designers and quality analysts must work together to define client telemetry and target game functionality that is particularly wasteful to test manually.

Q: What's something interesting we can expect to learn from your talk?

A: In this session you can expect to learn how we use automated data analysis to find gameplay bugs in video games. We share real-world examples currently deployed for the Age of Empires and Forza Motorsport franchises.

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