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Session Spotlight: The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines


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This week's spotlight? Accessibility & Inclusion​

Refreshed: The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines

Xbox made history when it became the first platform to publish its own set of accessibility guidelines for developers to reference. After their release, we received feedback on how they can be even more powerful. We've embarked on a massive refresh, with new background information, clarifications and example contact to drastically enhance their usefulness. In this sessions, viewers will learn about all the new updates that have been made and why we made them.

Speaker:             Tara Voelker and Kaitlyn Jones

Track:                  Accessibility & Inclusion ​

Q/A Interview with Tara Voelker and Kaitlyn Jones

Q: Tell us about your role at Microsoft

A: I'm Tara Voelker, a gaming accessibility program manager and Gaming and Disability Community Lead as part of the Gaming for Everyone Program here at Xbox. My name is Kaitlyn Jones and I am an Accessibility Program Manager working with the Xbox Gaming Accessibility Team.​

Q: What audience is your talk aimed at?

A: Our talk is for game developers of any discipline, at any level of accessibility knowledge.

Q: What's something interesting we can expect to learn from your talk?

A: We're excited for publishers to learn how the Microsoft Gaming Accessibility Team has been working hard to take what we've learned on our game accessibility journey and create services and resources developers can utilize to make their own products more inclusive. Among other updates, for example, we'll share more details around how our guideline overviews have expanded to include context on specific disabilities or situational impairments, player impact and user scenarios that could be compromised.

This 24-hour event kicks off in the Americas at 8:00 AM PT (UTC-7) on April 20, moves to Asia Pacific at 8:00 AM JST (UTC+9) on April 21, and finishes up in Europe, Middle East, and Africa at 9:00 AM CET (UTC+2) on April 21.

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