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Unite Copenhagen 2019 - Se dig der!


Unite events are one of our favorite events throughout the year, because they have a special way of energizing our community with new ideas, new tools, and new possibilities. And this year, we’re headed to Copenhagen (frikadeller, get in my mouth)!

If you’re Denmark-bound like us, stop by and hang out with us September 24-26 in booth 5. Make sure you tune in to Unity’s opening keynote, either in person, or online (links below) at 8.40AM PDT September 23rd. You’ll hear how Unity and HoloLens 2 work together as part of AR Foundation to produce incredibly immersive experiences.

Unite Copenhagen Expo Hall

We’re kicking things off on Tuesday with something we’re so excited about: Havok Physics integration with Unity. At 2pm, Steve Ewart (@stephenewart) is going to share how Havok is making Unity even better, along with the data layout of the physics engine itself, and what kind of performance and fidelity boosts you get with the integration. Also, don’t miss the companion talk by Unity’s Adam Mechtley on how Havok’s engine powers Unity just before, at 1pm.

Wednesday is all about getting down to business. Stop by our booth for demos from Havok, PlayFab, Visual Studio, Xbox, and more. And don’t forget to set up time with us to talk shop, if you haven’t yet. We’re available through the Unite Copenhagen app, which you can nab on both iOS and Android here.

On Thursday, we’re keeping the good stuff coming, with two more technical talks, setting you up for success regardless of what you’re trying to create:

  • First up, Nick Klingensmith (@koujaku) is stepping up the augmented reality game with HoloLens 2, introducing you to the Mixed Reality Toolkit, Azure Spatial Anchors, Spectator View, the Mixed Reality Lighting Tools, Microsoft Maquette, the Mixed Reality Extensions SDK, and Language Understanding (LUIS), all available in the latest hardware. Find out how you can elevate your next mixed reality or augmented reality project.
  • Still inspired to create more of the cool? Stick around to talk Visual Studio with John Miller (@jmillerdev) and learn about some of the new tools the team added that’ll help you write better, more consistent code. While you’re there, let him know what kind of tools improvements you’d love to see, and he’ll bring them back to the team directly.

Here are all the details you could ever need for jumpstarting your connection with Microsoft at Unite (all times are local to Copenhagen, Denmark (CET) – so please, make sure you check your time zone):

Unite Copenhagen Keynote

Date and Time: September 23, pre-show 5.40pm CET, keynote 6.00pm CET

Location: Unite Keynote Stage

Online links:

Talk: Wreaking Havok: an overview of Havok Physics in Unity

Speaker: Steve Ewart

Date and Time: September 24, 2:00pm CET

Location: Auditorium 15

Talk: Tools for developing for HoloLens 2 with Unity

Speaker: Nick Klingensmith

Date and Time: September 26, 1:00pm CET

Location: Auditorium 11

Talk: Visual Studio Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

Speaker: John Miller

Date and Time: September 26, 2:00pm CET

Location: Mini Theatre, Expo Floor

Don’t forget to follow us at to check out what we’re up to at Unite and beyond!

Se dig der!