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Level Ex creates games for doctors using PlayFab

​​Image from Level Ex’s mobile game for pulmonologists, Pulm Ex.

Do gamers make better doctors? Level Ex thinks so.

Level Ex creates mobile, AR and VR games for physicians that use state-of-the-art video game technology and cognitive neuroscience to capture the challenges of practicing medicine—revolutionizing the way physicians keep up-to-date on rare and challenging patient cases, new medical devices and drug therapies. More than 500,000 medical professionals play Level Ex’s games, including one in three surgeons in the U.S. The company’s games are available free on the App Store and Google Play and include Airway Ex (anesthesiology), Gastro Ex (gastroenterology), Pulm Ex (pulmonology) and Cardio Ex (cardiology). Physicians can also play Level Ex’s games to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits, required for keeping their medical licenses active.

Saving lives

Traditionally, medical training and simulations are known to be low-tech, clunky, and outdated. Level Ex is raising the bar of medical training by providing current and aspiring medical professionals with training tools that are on the cutting edge of technology. These video games, available with the tap of one’s finger, bring on a new meaning to the idea of “practice makes perfect.” Medical procedures and incidents that might have once caught a doctor off guard are now available to practice anywhere and at any time.

Image from Level Ex’s mobile game for cardiologists, Cardio Ex.


Image from Level Ex’s mobile game for cardiologists, Cardio Ex.

An early adopter

An early adopter The superior quality of Level Ex’s games demands a highly selective data solution that is reliable and consistent, which is why Level Ex chose Azure PlayFab as the backend service for their medical video game platform. PlayFab acts as Level Ex’s data repository, ensuring that when the team embarks on new projects, their data is immediately on-hand and secured safely in the cloud. PlayFab also acts as the consolidation tool of Level Ex’s user platforms and provides an identical and consistent experience across all of Level Ex’s apps. Player experience is a top priority for Level Ex, and PlayFab meets that expectation by ensuring that physicians and healthcare professionals have continued exceptional access to familiar and repeatable gaming experiences.

“…for physicians, the majority of their training – especially on rare and difficult scenarios – is done on live patients. And so, the opportunity to pick up your phone at any point during the day, remind yourself why you went into medicine, go in and play the most challenging, difficult cases in specialty, compete against your colleagues for the high score and earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for renewing your license – this all adds up into exactly the kind of content the doctors ordered.” - Sam Glassenberg, Level Ex founder and CEO, told Forbes.

Level Ex creates video games for doctors that capture the challenges of practicing medicine. Learn more at levelex.​com.

And for more information on Azure PlayFab, click here.

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