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PlayFab and pixiv get creative with new app

VR female characters in different outfits with screenshots of a mobile app on three different phone screens.

Drawing is big in Japan. So is pixiv.

pixiv Inc. is a Japanese web service company that provides helps over 40 million users with an illustration communication platform express their creativity, share their work, and interact with a community with rating systems and comments. As VR and AR have become more popular, pixiv developed a new application called VRoid, a free 3D character creation tool that fully integrates with popular VR/AR platforms. VRoid also integrates with the real world, allowing users to take photos of their 3D avatars in customizable VR/AR spaces.

Using PlayFab

pixiv chose PlayFab because of its reliability and robust inventory management system. Not only did PlayFab have all of the required features, it was a stable platform that would support the inventories of all their users. VRoid launched in July 2019 and provided users with a limited time offer during a live TV event. PlayFab was used to capture all the data in real-time and fulfill the limited offer to their users.

“We couldn’t release VRoid Mobile in such a short time without PlayFab. PlayFab contains all essential features for mobile games and apps so we can reduce the time for server-side development.

“We felt secure even though we had a big access spike at the launch, because PlayFab ensures both stability and scalability. It was also good that we could add in-app purchase quickly, with low risk. And with user segmentation using their LiveOps tools, we can provide rare items to specific users anytime. We know there are many more PlayFab features. We’ll utilize others eventually.”

pixiv inc is a Japanese company that strives to support the creative activities of creators and stimulate creative culture around the world.

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