UWP on Xbox

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Whether you bring your existing UWP app to Xbox or create engaging new concepts, Xbox delivers new audiences, more users, an amazing and dedicated community, and a great new place for your app to shine: the living room.

Learn how to get started developing apps and games for the Universal Windows Platform on Xbox One. The documentation includes setup steps, a guide through the authentication process, information on installing the required version of Visual Studio and Windows 10 tools, and the steps to build, run, and debug your first simple application. Because your new audience may be viewing your UI from 10 feet away, and may favor entertainment over productivity, developing for Xbox brings new design challenges and opportunities. We’ve included helpful guidance for designing apps that look great on larger screens and that provide an engaging and exciting 10-foot experience.

If you are more interested in games than apps, we encourage you to join our community of independent developers and enthusiasts by joining the Xbox Live Creators Program or the ID@Xbox program. You don't have to join one of these developer programs to experiment, create, and test games or apps on Xbox but when you are ready to publish and sell games on Xbox One or take advantage of Xbox Live on Windows 10, you will need to join one. You can find out more about these programs here Developer Program Overview.

Follow these steps

  1. Get started today!
    Want to jump right in? Read the Getting started guide to understand how to activate Dev Mode on your console and start building your first app!
  2. Learn more about UWP on Xbox One ,
    Learn everything you need to know about UWP development on Xbox One.
  3. Design for the right audience!
    Want to create an immersive living room experience that will delight your users and take full advantage of large screen TVs? Read our Design for TV and Xbox guide lines.
  4. Get Support!
    Use the forum to ask and answer questions, visit our FAQ page and most important, read the Known issues with Xbox Development.

More developer resources

App Dev on Xbox

The App Dev on Xbox event is a great starting point for developers new to building apps on Xbox.

Developing UWP apps for Xbox documentation

Developing UWP apps for the Xbox requires you to enable developer mode on your retail console and to install Visual Studio Update 2 with a Windows Insider SDK. Review this topic for an all-up view into the available documentation.

Known Issues with this release

Developing UWP apps for the Xbox requires you to enable developer mode on your retail console. There are also a few key differences from developing UWP apps for the PC you need to be aware of.

Designing for TV and Xbox

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) lets you create delightful experiences across multiple Windows 10 devices. Learn how to design and optimize your UWP app so that it looks good and functions well on television screens.

UWP on Xbox One Samples

These samples help you get started building applications for media, TV, and Xbox on the Universal Windows Platform. TV's can help JavaScript developers enable their UWP app to work with the Xbox One controller. TV's also includes Searchbox and ScrollViewer controls to help you build a user experience optimized for Xbox One.

Intro to Xbox One Tools

We made it easy for you to configure your console development by creating new tools to allow you quick access to developer settings. Read more about DevHome and Windows Device portal here.

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