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Changes to collections and recurrence in REST API

We wanted to give an update on some more breaking changes that we are making to the Outlook REST API beta endpoint. These changes will be widely deployed over the next few weeks.

Scope of collections

We are making it consistent across the Outlook REST APIs to return all items of a given type from its top level collections. For example ../me/messages already returns all the messages of the user across all his mail folders, not just Inbox.

Similarly, we are making a change to the ../contacts, ../contactfolders and ../mailfolders endpoint.

  1. /Contacts endpoint will start returning all the contacts in the signed-in user’s mailbox. Prior to this change you would only see contacts from the default contacts folder of the user.
  2. /ContactFolders will return all ContactFolders in the signed-in user’s mailbox, irrespective of how deeply they are nested.
  3. /MailFolders will also start returning all MailFolders in the signed-in user’s mailbox. Prior to this change /MailFolders would return folders only from the root folder of the user.

Change to recurrence range

In the RecurrenceRange complex type (which is used in recurring meetings), we are changing the type for the StartDate and EndDate properties from DateTime to Date. There is also a new property in the Recurrence complex type, RecurrenceTimeZone, which reflects the timezone for StartDate and EndDate properties.

Old Recurrence

New Recurrence

More extensive documentation on the new functionality is coming soon in our API reference documentation page. Please let us know if you have any questions, and visit for the latest news and updates.