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Microsoft 365 PnP – General Developer SIG recording – 4th of March, 2021

Recording of the Microsoft 365 – General M365 development Special Interest Group (SIG) community call from March 4, 2021.

Recording at Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel.

Call Summary

Latest news from Microsoft 365 engineering and updates on open-source projects: PnP .NET libraries, PnP PowerShell, modernization tooling, on yo Teams, on Microsoft Graph Toolkit, and on Microsoft Teams Samples.

Latest project updates include:  PnP .NET Libraries – prepping to release PnP Framework v1.3.0 and PnP Core SDK GA v1.0.0. the week of March 8th.  As well PnP PowerShell v1.4.0 is set to release the week of March 8th and builds are delivered nightly.   For PnP Modernization tooling – added PnP Page Transformation and released Modernization Scanner v2.19.  yo Teams generator-teams (apps generator) v3.0.3, yo teams-build-core (gulp tasks) v1.0.1 + v1.1.0 Preview, and msteams-react-base-component (React UI helpers) v3.1.0, have been released.   Microsoft Graph Toolkit v2.1.0 includes Msal provider support to domainHint.  Register now for March trainings on Sharing-is-caring.   The host of this call was Paolo Pialorsi ( | @paolopia.  Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.

Thank you for taking the time to share your face and hands with others in your community. We are on this together!

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    • PnP SPFx Samples – Solving SPFx version differences using Node Version Manager – March 11th
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Microsoft Teams Development Samples:  (

Demos delivered in this session

  • List formatting fundamentals – Options and considerations – a demo about how not to drown in the sea of list formatting options!   Presenter starts with UI fundamentals 101 to illustrate the layered approach to formatting and rendering list data.   Making changes in one layer may not translate well to other layers.  The complexity reducer is to use “columnFormatterReference” that applies changes across all layers or views.  Confidently use PnP list formatting samples.
  • Exporting SharePoint site structures/documentation to Markdown – rolling out many SharePoint sites without PowerShell?   You customer wants to manually create their own sites – based on a guidebook you provide.  No worries, you got this.  Use PnP PowerShell to develop sites in your Dev Tenant, then output the sites using the PnP Provisioning template – markdown or VS Code files.   Complete site configuration is rendered in XML or readable markdown (guidebook).
  • New SP Editor chrome extension with Microsoft Graph Toolkit React playground – an M365 Developer power tool that makes it easy to learn and test the latest MGT controls and to create SharePoint applications in a chrome-based browser.  Use SP Editor chrome extension to create and update SharePoint Online/SP2013/SP2016/SP2019 css/js files, inject files to web, manage web/list properties, list Webhooks, and run scripts calling Microsoft Graph.  Run components before pushing them into your SPFx project.

Thank you for your work. Samples are often showcased in Demos.

Topics covered in this call

  • PnP.NET library updates – Bert Jansen (Microsoft) | @O365bert – 5:10
  • PnP PowerShell updates – Erwin van Hunen (Valo Intranet) | @erwinvanhunen – 7:09
  • PnP Modernization tooling updates – Bert Jansen (Microsoft) | @O365bert – 9:29
  • yo Teams updates – Wictor Wilén (Avanade) @wictor 10:56
  • Microsoft Graph Toolkit updates – Beth Pan (Microsoft) | @beth_panx – 13:16
  • Demo:  List formatting fundamentals – Options and considerations – Chris Kent (DMI) | @theChrisKent – 15:20
  • Demo:  Exporting SharePoint site structures/documentation to Markdown – Kevin McDonnell (CPS) | @kevmcdonk – 29:53
  • Demo:  New SP Editor chrome extension with Microsoft Graph Toolkit React playground – easy testing of the controls – Tomi Tavela (RND Works) | @tavikukko – 39:39


Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.

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Microsoft 365 PnP team, Microsoft – 5th of March 2021