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Microsoft Graph community call-August 6, 2019

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month for the Microsoft Graph community call. You can download a recurring monthly calendar invite at

Agenda for this month’s call included:

  • Henrik Westergaard Hansen – Henrik discussed the Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs that are available on Microsoft Graph
  • Kyle Marsh – Kyle discussed Microsoft Identity and the Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL) and how this can be used to call Microsoft Graph.

Watch the call here.


Is there any way to grant Application Permission to an app that are limited to certain SharePoint sites, rather than the entire tenant? We need unattended applications, but we also need to restrict their access.
This is an area for which we get a lot of requests and it is on our roadmap. Right now, you would have to use “old school” SharePoint Apps, i.e. registering your Azure AD App Registration as SharePoint App. Check out this article in our docs pages. Permissions given via Microsoft Graph can only give Full Access to everything. Register SharePoint Add-ins. Register your SharePoint Add-ins in Azure ACS by using Visual Studio, the Seller Dashboard, or an AppRegNew.aspx page, and retrieve registration information.

With regard to the above, isn’t it possible to grant Read access, not just Full Control, even though it applies to all sites.
Yes, you are correct. However, the workaround with SharePoint Add-In Permissions works well, just not for using Microsoft Graph, of course. You would have to use the classic SharePoint API.

How is security (OAuth) handled? I created an AAD app, with scope Financials.ReadWrite.All. Once the user calls Business Central, Business Central validates that the user has access to the data.
This is a fairly broad question but try starting here.

Is there a way to upload attachments larger than 4MB?
Yes, you can use this docs article.

With regard to uploading attachments, is this applicable to email attachments?
Large updates are not yet supported but there is work going on for this. Please keep an eye on UserVoice for updates here.

Is there any commercial support for the Microsoft Graph API?
Yes, you can purchase Microsoft Premier support.

How can I use Microsoft Graph to update a SharePoint?
Updating SharePoint can be pretty broad, but start here. And, here is a relatively new video on accessing SharePoint data from Microsoft Graph.

Next month’s call is on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 8:00am PST. Submit your questions and topics here. Be sure to download the call series to add to your calendar.


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