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Microsoft Graph community call-May 5, 2020

May’s call, hosted by Jeremy Thake, included an overview of Publisher Verification by Jeff Sakowicz, and Publisher Attestation and Certification by Tony Balkan and Leana Gerrard. It was wrapped up by a demo of GitHub Actions hooked up to Calendar API to schedule PR reviews by Anoop Tatti from Content and Code.

Publisher Verification

Jeff Sakowicz presented the future of Publisher Verification for partners who have built multi-tenant Azure AD apps that use OpenId Connect and OAuth 2.0.

Note: the above link will be updated to public documentation once the capability is released.

Publisher Attestation and Certification

Tony Balkan and Leana Gerrard presented the Attestation and Certification process for Partners to follow.

If you are interested in completing the Publisher-Attestation or the Certification for your apps or add-ins please fill out this Form.

GitHub Actions with Calendar API

Anoop Tatti,  Content and Code demonstrated GitHub Actions with Calendar API:

Build 2020 conference

Jeremy Thake discussed the events at Build 2020 which will be a virtual event running for a consecutive 48 hours on May 19-20 with live and on-demand sessions and a 3-hour Microsoft Graph workshop on May 20th at 15:45. Don’t miss the Microsoft 365 keynote! Register today for FREE and check back to view the session scheduler.

Watch the call here

Next month’s call is on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 8:00am PST. Be sure to download the call series and add to your calendar.


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