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Microsoft Teams community call-October 20, 2020

This month’s call hosted by Jun Pak included a recap of Ignite, two community-built messaging extension samples/demos and an update on building Microsoft Teams apps for meetings.

Ignite 2020 Recap

Jun Pak recapped on the Microsoft Teams developer platform at Ignite that had 12-sessions dedicated for Teams platform developers around building deeper Teams integrations with Teams Meetings, accelerating digital transformation with low code Teams + Power Platform and continuous enhancements to the Teams platform.

Demo: HTTP Status Cats Messaging Extension

Tomomi Imura (@girlie_mac) is a Microsoft 365 Cloud Developer Advocate who shared her famous HTTP Status Cats app that demonstrates what you can do with the messaging extension capability in Teams using Node.js and the Bot Framework. The app allows you to look up a HTTP status code from the search box or use the message compose so you can send the result as a message too. HTTP Status Cats are the collection of HTTP status code with cat photos that match the description of each status.

View the sample from GitHub repo here.

Demo: Messaging Extensions using Authentication and Microsoft Graph API

Markus Moeller (@moeller2_0), Microsoft 365 Developer and Avanade Manager, demonstrated a Microsoft Teams messaging extension with authentication and a call to the Microsoft Graph API. Taken from his blog series and also from the PnP teams dev samples repository Markus showed us how a search-based messaging extension works with authentication to Microsoft Graph. In his scenario he retrieves documents via Microsoft Graph from a SharePoint document library that are due for a review. A selected document is transformed to an Adaptive Card and posted to the messaging channel where users can “View” that document and directly set it to “Reviewed” with card actions.

Building Teams apps for meetings

Rajesh Rangarajan, Microsoft Teams Program Manager, covered Microsoft Teams Apps for Meetings.  Meetings are key to productivity in Teams. They enable collaboration, partnership, informed communication, and shared feedback in an inclusive and active forum. As a developer, you can create configurable tab, bot, and message extension applications to enhance and enrich a Teams meeting experience. Your meeting app can deliver a unique user experience for each stage of the meeting lifecycle.

Teams’ meeting app extensibility centers on three concepts:

✔ Meeting lifecycle — before, during, and after meeting time frame.
✔ Participant role — meeting organizer, presenter, or attendee.
✔ Admin controls — in-tenant, guest, federated, or anonymous Teams user.

To learn more about building and managing apps for meetings:

Watch the call here


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