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Office Add-ins community call – August 14, 2019

The Office Add-ins community call is our monthly event for developers to connect in real-time with the folks who are building the Office Add-ins platform and JavaScript APIs. During this call, we share updates about new Office JavaScript APIs and provide tips about useful tools, samples, and resources for developing Office Add-ins.

August’s call, hosted by Kim Brandl, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Alex Jerabek, Dev Writer, presented an overview of the Office Add-ins platform and introduced a new feature in the Office Add-ins documentation that allows you to filter API Reference documentation by the host and requirement set you choose.
  • Kim Brandl, Senior Dev Writer, called out the recent announcement about Microsoft Edge WebView for Office Add-ins.
  • Raymond Lu, Senior Program Manager, covered what’s new in the Excel JavaScript APIs.
  • Albert Dotson, Software Engineer Intern, presented about a new project in the OfficeDev/PnP-OfficeAddins repository that shows how you can use local storage to enable offline functionality in your Office Add-in.
  • Lillian Lu, Program Manager, showed how you can add COM compatibility to your Office (web) Add-in by specifying the equivalent COM add-in in the Office Add-in manifest file.
  • Keyur Patel, Senior Program Manager invited folks to connect with him to provide feedback about building Excel add-ins for internal use and/or about scenarios that involve Excel and Python.
  • Shaji Puthanveettil, Sr. Director, Product Development @ Oracle, presented about the Smart View add-in, a complex and powerful tool that they’ve ported from a COM add-in to a JavaScript add-in.

Watch the call here.

View the presentation here.

The next Office Add-ins community call is on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 8:00AM PST. You can download a recurring calendar invite at

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We welcome you to submit questions and topic suggestions in advance of each call by using our short survey form. Here’s the Q&A for questions that were submitted for August’s call:

Is there any date for testing / releasing Office Add-ins based on WebView2 (Microsoft Edge based on Chromium)?

We don’t have a firm date for shipping WebView2 for Office add-ins at this point, but we are working closely with the Edge team to integrate the control into Office. We will share more info as soon as we have it available. We will also look to making it available for testing before shipping it to production.

I want to process Word docs residing in SharePoint Online with a Flow that utilizes a JavaScript Azure Function which contains Office JS code. Is there any reason why that architecture wouldn’t work well?

An Office Add-in (built using the Office JavaScript APIs) must run within the context of an Office application (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). Therefore, the design you’ve described doesn’t seem feasible — because Office JS code within an Azure Function would not be running within the context of an Office application.

Several of my customers are reporting issues running my add-in on their mobile devices while running Intune MDM. Are there any known Office Add-in compatibility issues with Intune?

We’re not aware of any known compatibility issues between Office Add-ins and Intune. That said, you might consider asking this question of the Intune team, by logging an issue in the MicrosoftDocs/IntuneDocs GitHub repository. Additionally, the How to get support for Microsoft Intune page within the Intune docs seems to contain information that might help connect you with the right folks for this type of support.

Is there a known list of Intune settings to enable/disable whether add-ins can connect to 1P and 3P APIs from Outlook?

The Reference section of the Microsoft Intune documentation seems to contain in-depth info about all available settings across the various platforms that Intune supports. If you can’t find the information you need there, you might consider asking this question of the Intune team by logging an issue in the MicrosoftDocs/IntuneDocs GitHub repository.


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