Get calendar

Retrieve the properties and relationships of calendar object.


One of the following scopes is required to execute this API: Calendars.Read

HTTP request

A user's or group's default calendar.

GET /me/calendar
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendar
GET /groups/{id}/calendar

A user's calendar in the default calendarGroup.

GET /me/calendars/{id}
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendars/{id}

GET /me/calendarGroup/calendars/{id}
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendarGroup/calendars/{id}

A user's calendar in a specific calendarGroup.

GET /me/calendarGroups/{id}/calendars/{id}
GET /users/{id | userPrincipalName}/calendarGroups/{id}/calendars/{id}

Optional query parameters

This method supports the OData Query Parameters to help customize the response.

Request headers

Name Type Description
Authorization string Bearer {token}. Required.

Request body

Do not supply a request body for this method.


If successful, this method returns a 200 OK response code and calendar object in the response body.



Here is an example of the request.


Here is an example of the response. Note: The response object shown here may be truncated for brevity. All of the properties will be returned from an actual call.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-type: application/json

    "@odata.context": "$metadata#me/calendars/$entity",
    "": "'ddfcd489-628b-40d7-b48b-57002df800e5@1717622f-1d94-4d0c-9d74-709fad664b77')/calendars('AAMkAGI2TGuLAAA=')",
    "id": "AAMkAGI2TGuLAAA=",
    "name": "Calendar",
    "color": "auto",
    "isDefaultCalendar": false,
    "changeKey": "nfZyf7VcrEKLNoU37KWlkQAAA0x0+w==",
    "hexColor": "",
        "name":"Fanny Downs",