List attachments

Important: APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are in preview and are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

Retrieve a list of attachment objects attached to a post.


One of the following scopes is required to execute this API:

  • Group.Read.All
  • Group.ReadWrite.All

HTTP request

Attachments for a post in a thread belonging to a conversation of a group.

GET /groups/{id}/threads/{id}/posts/{id}/attachments
GET /groups/{id}/conversations/{id}/threads/{id}/posts/{id}/attachments

Optional query parameters

This method supports the OData Query Parameters to help customize the response.

In particular, you can use the $expand query parameter to include all of the post attachments inline with the rest of the post properties. For example:


Request headers

Header Value
Authorization Bearer {token}. Required.

Request body

Do not supply a request body for this method.


If successful, this method returns a 200 OK response code and collection of Attachment objects in the response body.



Here is an example of the request.


Here is an example of the response. Note: The response object shown here may be truncated for brevity. All of the properties will be returned from an actual call.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-type: application/json
Content-length: 215

  "value": [
      "@odata.type": "#Microsoft.OutlookServices.FileAttachment",
      "id": "id-value",
      "contentType": "contentType-value",
      "contentLocation": "contentLocation-value",
      "contentBytes": "contentBytes-value",
      "contentId": "null",
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "2016-10-19T10:37:00Z",
      "isInline": false,
      "name": "name-value",
      "size": 99