softwareUpdateStatusSummary resource type

Important: APIs under the / beta version in Microsoft Graph are in preview and are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. Note: Using the Microsoft Graph APIs to configure Intune controls and policies still requires that the Intune service is correctly licensed by the customer.

TODO: Documentation is missing please add the \[ODataDescription()\] and/or \[ODataLongDescription()\] attributes.


Method Return Type Description
Get softwareUpdateStatusSummary softwareUpdateStatusSummary Read properties and relationships of the softwareUpdateStatusSummary object.
Update softwareUpdateStatusSummary softwareUpdateStatusSummary Update the properties of a softwareUpdateStatusSummary object.


Property Type Description
id String Key of the entity.
displayName String The name of the policy.
compliantDeviceCount Int32 Number of compliant devices.
nonCompliantDeviceCount Int32 Number of non compliant devices.
remediatedDeviceCount Int32 Number of remediated devices.
errorDeviceCount Int32 Number of devices had error.
unknownDeviceCount Int32 Number of unknown devices.
conflictDeviceCount Int32 Number of conflict devices.
notApplicableDeviceCount Int32 Number of not applicable devices.
compliantUserCount Int32 Number of compliant users.
nonCompliantUserCount Int32 Number of non compliant users.
remediatedUserCount Int32 Number of remediated users.
errorUserCount Int32 Number of users had error.
unknownUserCount Int32 Number of unknown users.
conflictUserCount Int32 Number of conflict users.
notApplicableUserCount Int32 Number of not applicable users.



JSON Representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.softwareUpdateStatusSummary",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "displayName": "String",
  "compliantDeviceCount": 1024,
  "nonCompliantDeviceCount": 1024,
  "remediatedDeviceCount": 1024,
  "errorDeviceCount": 1024,
  "unknownDeviceCount": 1024,
  "conflictDeviceCount": 1024,
  "notApplicableDeviceCount": 1024,
  "compliantUserCount": 1024,
  "nonCompliantUserCount": 1024,
  "remediatedUserCount": 1024,
  "errorUserCount": 1024,
  "unknownUserCount": 1024,
  "conflictUserCount": 1024,
  "notApplicableUserCount": 1024