windowsInformationProtectionAppRuleDesktopTemplate resource type

Note: Using the Microsoft Graph APIs to configure Intune controls and policies still requires that the Intune service is correctly licensed by the customer.

Windows Information Protection App Rule Desktop Template definition.

Inherits from windowsInformationProtectionAppRuleTemplate


Property Type Description
publisher String Publisher (Empty field is consider matching all).
productName String Product name.
binaryName String Binary name.
version String Version.
versionCondition String Version condition. Possible values are: andAbove, andBelow, equal.



JSON Representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.windowsInformationProtectionAppRuleDesktopTemplate",
  "publisher": "String",
  "productName": "String",
  "binaryName": "String",
  "version": "String",
  "versionCondition": "String"