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Microsoft Teams community call-June 16, 2020

This month’s call, hosted by Ojasvi Choudhary, Program Manager on the Microsoft Teams developer platform, featured Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams. He was joined by Matt Hidinger, Adaptive Cards Program Manager and Gabo Gilabert, Bot Framework Software Engineer who talked about Templating and showed a demo on how to use Adaptive Cards and templates with a Bot he built.

Updates to Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams

We covered recent updates that allow developers to create richer and individualized experiences using Adaptive Cards 1.2 in Teams on desktop and mobile.  Highly requested features such as @mentions support within cards with the ability to direct a user’s attention to cards that are relevant to them – providing an enhanced notification and engagement capability for your app were covered. Check out the developer docs here.

@mentions support within cards

RichText Blocks allow you greater flexibility in designing the look and feel of the cards, allowing you bring your Brand look, feel and character into Teams.

RichText Blocks in Teams

Adaptive Cards Templating in Microsoft Teams

Matt Hidinger set the stage for Adaptive Cards templating used to build a card in Microsoft Teams. Adaptive Expressions allows you to change the data in the templates to help you build some powerful cards. Get started with this at

Hackathon Demo

Gabo Gilabert showed a demo on how to use Adaptive Cards and templates with a Bot he built. He showed what the Bot does and then the code of how Adaptive Cards and templates were used.

Source code is published here.


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