Microsoft Edge Web Platform Team

The Microsoft Web Platform Team works on the core platform components of Microsoft Edge, the modern browser for Windows 10. Browsing is by far the most popular activity across all of Windows, and hundreds of millions of users access the web via Microsoft Edge.

Our team rallies around the desire to make the underlying platform the best it can be for Windows users. Our work spans every component of the web platform and the underlying operating systems it runs on: From the fundamentals of the browser (security, reliability, and performance), to working with browser vendors and industry leaders across standards bodies, to building innovative tools to help web developers build better sites.


JavaScript is the language of the web. From driving interactivity on a page, to creating large scale apps and frameworks using isomorphic Javascript, the language and its various runtime implementations have come a long way since its inception. Today, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. Given the dynamic nature of the language, it’s always ready to challenge a language or compiler designer's assumptions, and is a paradise for language and compiler innovators. Our open-source JavaScript engine, Chakra, powers scriptability both within and outside the browser. The Chakra team is always at work driving the evolution of JavaScript, while working to make Chakra and the entire HTML5 web platform faster, leaner, and more adaptable to diverse hardware and environment configurations.

Media, Communication, Storage and Networking

Consuming and interacting with media on the web has come a long way from the days of static content and plain pages. The Media, Communication, Storage, and Networking components of the web platform enable experiences such as getting the highest quality video and audio, supporting video calling and conferencing services, helping move to a passwordless world with biometric authentication, bringing app-like experiences to the web through Progressive Web Apps, helping developers create offline web pages, and sending push notifications even when the browser is not running. For these components, the team integrates Microsoft Edge deeply with Windows to provide integrated, app-like experiences that blur the line between the browser and the app platform. It also works closely with several industry partners to ensure Microsoft Edge is best-in-class for experiences built using these technologies.

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As the web evolves, so do the ways we interact with it. From the standard keyboard and mouse, input interactions have evolved to include touch, pen, touchpads, game controllers, 3D input and eye tracking. The Windows input platform drives this innovation across hardware and software, for all Windows based devices, and for the Web through Microsoft Edge.

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Web Applications

The web does not just exist inside of a web browser. Developers use web technologies in all types of applications, including Progressive Web Apps. The team works closely with the Microsoft Store, Windows platform and Bing teams to enable the next generation of powerful web apps across all of Microsoft’s platforms. The team also builds the WebView control to help developers create hybrid apps that span native and web technologies.

Platform Fundamentals

Any platform’s success is deeply rooted and dependent upon the fundamentals it is built upon. Across all the components of the Web Platform, the team works diligently towards our goal to make the web safer, faster and more reliable for users, while utilizing the underlying hardware resources as efficiently as possible. These fundamentals drive the team to work with web standardization bodies like W3C and ECMA, industry partners, and other browser vendors to evolve the web in an open and interoperable way. Team members help drive integrations with the underlying operating system and are at the forefront of driving innovation across both the web platform and the operating system.