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HTML 'focusgroup' Attribute

This experimental attribute provides a grouping mechanism for a set of child focusable elements, and automatically enables arrow-key navigation among them. Focusgroups can be configured with a variety of options to suit particular layouts, and can be linked together to form hierarchies for non-trivial UI components. We are seeking feedback on the utility of the feature set, the ease of integration with web components (and Shadow DOM in particular), and any additional functionality you feel may be missing. Additional features are described in the explainer and will be made available during Origin Trial.

Available from Microsoft Edge 104 to 107

End Date 10/15/2022


external specified behavior (usage of the attribute would cancel the element's preexisting built-in behavior in favor of the new generic behavior). Implementation experience and additional community feedback will be necessary to land a reasonable plan for this case.

10.1. Additional Keyboard support

In addition to arrow keys, the focusgroup should also enable other navigation keys such as pageup/down for paginated movement (TBD on how this could be calculated and in what increments), as well as the home/end keys to jump to the beginning and end of groups.

It might also be interesting to add support for typeahead scenarios (though what values to look for when building an index would need to be worked out, and may ultimately prove to be too complicated).


Special thanks to those who have reviewed, commented on, filed issues, and talked with us offline about focusgroup. Your insight and ideas and contributions have helped dramatically improve this proposal.