Windows 10 build 10240

Release date: 07/15/2015

New Microsoft Edge features

Dialog Loop Protection for Microsoft Edge

KB3093266 includes a fix that enables Microsoft Edge users to stop repeating dialog loops via a checkbox. This update applies to all Windows 10 and Windows Insider Preview customers.

Some suspicious sites spawn repeating dialog boxes that prevent you from being able to escape or navigate away. With this fix, you can now suppress dialog boxes on a page, allowing you to browse to other pages.

Screen capture showing dialog loop protection

Example of an alert trap spawned by a malicious page, along with the new checkbox that allows you to break out of the loop. Note that in this example, the text inside the dialog is controlled by the malicious page and is not provided by Microsoft Edge.

Known issues in build

  • We are investigating reports that upgrading to Windows 10 preview builds on a machine that has the IE Developer Preview installed can cause errors with default associations and broken hyperlinks after upgrading. We recommend uninstalling the IE Developer Preview on Windows 10 preview builds to avoid these issues.

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