Windows 10 build 10532

Release date: 08/27/2015

New web platform features

New EdgeHTML features:

  • Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock)
  • Canvas blending modes
  • <meter> element
  • oninvalid event handler
  • input type=time
  • input type=text selectionDirection

New Chakra features:

  • asm.js now enabled by default (previously behind a flag)
  • ES2015 Classes now enabled by default (previously behind a flag)
  • ES2015 Destructuring now available behind the Experimental JavaScript features flag
  • ES2015 conformance updates

Known issues in build

  • Initial groundwork for the Object RTC API is in this build, but is not yet functional. This may trigger feature detection for Object RTC. A working implementation will be available in preview builds soon.
  • Partial support for Async Functions (ES2016) is in this build, but there are known issues with the implementation which should be fixed in the next Insider release.

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