Windows 10 build 15019

Release date: 01/27/2017

New Microsoft Edge features

  • Microsoft Edge can now read aloud: Just press the “read aloud” button at the top-right corner after opening one of your e-books and listen to Microsoft Edge read you the book with focus on the line and the word being read along. This feature is also extended to all non-store EPUB files opened using Microsoft Edge.
    Screen capture showing the location of the Read Aloud button in Edge
  • Full-color emoji: Microsoft Edge will now display full-color, updated emoji by default on websites that use emoji.
    Screen capture comparing updated color emoji to the older black and white emoji

New web platform features

  • WebRTC 1.0 is now enabled by default
  • Re-deferral (we can pre-parse and defer full-parsing of functions until they’re being executed, saving memory)
  • Chakra JIT is out-of-process by default
  • SharedArrayBuffer behind experimental JS flag
  • WebAssembly browser preview is now available (behind the “Experimental JavaScript Features” flag)


  • Improved emoji support by setting Segoe UI Emoji as the fallback font before Segoe UI symbol, so emoji will appear as full-color even when the font is not specified.
  • We now allow setting to a string, for improved interoperability with other browsers

Known issues in build

  • Microsoft Edge extensions will not work in this release. We are working to restore extension functionality in a future flight as soon as possible.
  • Some websites, including Google properties, may unexpectedly show “We can’t reach this page,” due to issues with an experimental implementation of the new Token Binding security model which is being previewed in Windows Insider builds. We are working on fixes for these issues. In the meantime, you can work around this issue by accessing the site from an InPrivate tab. This issue is fixed in builds 15025 and earlier, which are available in the Insider Fast ring.
  • F12 tools may intermittently crash, hang, and fail to accept inputs
  • Inspect Element and View Source options don’t correctly launch to the DOM Explorer and Debugger, respectively

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