Windows 10 build 15042

Release date: 02/24/2017

New Microsoft Edge features

  • Updated Flash Click-To-Run experience: Added a new dialog in the URL bar to make it clearer when Flash content has been blocked. Just click the puzzle icon to allow Flash once or every time you return to the same site.
    Screen capture showing the updated Flash experience
  • Improved reading experience:
    • Added a new icon to indicate which tabs are open to ebooks or EPUB documents.
      Screen capture showing the new "Book" icon in an e-book tab
    • When reading a book aloud, the reader will now update to match your position in a book when you change pages.
    • Changes to read aloud settings will now persist for subsequently opened books

New web platform features

  • Added support for CSS outline-offset
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Known issues in build

  • F12 developer tools may intermittently crash, hang, and fail to accept inputs.
  • Issues may occur when exploring pages in F12 with cross-origin iframes (e.g. the DOM explorer shows only the iframe DOM, the Console frame selector doesn’t list the iframes, etc.)

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