What's new in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 build 16188

This is the latest release, which is available for Windows Insider Preview (Fast) Desktop

New Microsoft Edge features

New in Windows 10 build 16188

PDF Improvements

  • PDF Form Filling: Added the ability to fill in PDF based forms in Microsoft Edge, save them and print them
  • PDF Annotations: The Web Note annotation feature now works in PDFs as well as web pages. You can use the “Make a Web Note” button on the top right of browser frame to invoke an annotations bar. Using different modes in the annotations bar, you can ink on the PDF, highlight text and erase your annotations. You can save the work onto the PDF file for later use. Screen capture showing the PDF annotation bar in Edge
  • Table of Contents : For PDF documents with a table of contents, you will now see a new button for the Table of Contents on the left of the PDF toolbar. Click on any heading in the side pane to navigate to that part of the document. Screen capture showing the ToC in Edge
  • Better viewing and navigation: Added controls to rotate PDF documents for better readability and switch from one-page to two-page layouts, or change between continuous and per-page scrolling, for a better navigation experience for longer documents. Screen capture showing PDF controls in Edge

Windows Defender Application Guard
Announced last September in the Microsoft Edge Blog, Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge is now available in Windows Insider Previews for Enterprise users in the Fast Ring. Microsoft Edge running in Application Guard provides enterprises the maximum level of protection from malware and zero day attacks against Windows. We’ll have more to share about WDAG in Microsoft Edge soon on the Edge Dev Blog. Screen capture showing a WDAG tab in Edge

New in Windows 10 build 15063

This is the stable release for the Windows 10 Creators Update, which upgrades the web platform to EdgeHTML 15. Compare to build 14393 to see everything that has changed.

New web platform features

New in Windows 10 build 15205

  • Fixed an issue with Microsoft Edge where you might get into a bad state after opening a new Microsoft Edge windows and screen off with the JIT process suspended.

New in Windows 10 build 15063

  • Added support for CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables)


New in Windows 10 build 16184

  • Fixed an issue where pressing F12 while the Developer Tools are open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.

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