Microsoft Edge extension API roadmap

In addition to web APIs, the extension API allows extensions to achieve deeper integration with the browser host. This API gives developers access to Microsoft Edge’s browser features such as tab and window manipulation. The two tables on this page detail what is suported/in development for Windows 10 Insider Preview and publicly released builds of Microsoft Edge.


This page was last updated December 12th, 2016.

Windows 10 Insider Preview builds

The following new APIs and features are available/in development for Windows 10 Insider Preview builds:

API/FeatureStatus — Build Number
browserAction.setTitleSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14926)
Popup debuggingSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14971)
port.disconnectIn Development
port.onDisconnectIn Development
port.postMessageIn Development
runtime.connectNativeIn Development
runtime.onConnectIn Development
runtime.sendNativeMessageIn Development
runtime.setUninstallUrlSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14971)
Shared cookies (Fix for 8438075)In Development
storage.sync.getIn Development
storage.sync.onChangedIn Development
storage.sync.removeIn Development
storage.sync.setIn Development
Support for CSP field in manifest.jsonSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14986)
tabs.captureVisibleTabSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14971)
tabs.connectIn Development
tabs.onAttachedSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14936)
tabs.onDetatchedSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14936)
unlimitedStorage for APIsSupported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14986)

Publicly available builds

The following table details our current progress towards completing the Microsoft Edge extension API. Status updates will be made here as classes move through development towards completion.


Native messaging is currently in development.

ClassDescriptionStatus — Build Number
bookmarksUsed to create, organize, and manipulate bookmarks.In development
browserActionEnables extensions to add a persistent button within Microsoft Edge.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
contextMenusAdds a context menu item on a specific URL, in a specified context of a webpage.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
cookiesUsed to query and modify cookies, as well as notify when they change.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
downloadsUsed to programmatically initiate, monitor, manipulate, and search for downloads.Under consideration
extensionContains utilities that can be used by any extension page.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
historyInteracts with the browser’s record of visited pages.Under consideration
i18nImplements internationalization across an extension.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
idleUsed to detect when the machine’s idle state is changed.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
notificationsAllows creation of notifications using templates to be displayed in the user’s system tray.Under consideration
pageActionEnables extensions to add a button inside the address bar.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
permissionsAllows users to select what optional permissions they would like to grant an extension access to.Under consideration
runtimeRetrieves the background page, returns details about the manifest, and listens for and responds to events in the extension lifecycle.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
storageUsed by the extension to read/write data and to sync data.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
tabsInteracts with Microsoft Edge’s tab system by creating, modifying, and rearranging tabs in the browser.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
webNavigationUsed to receive notifications about the status of navigation requests in-flight.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
webRequestEnables use of the webRequest API to observe and analyze traffic and to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)
windowsInteracts with the browser by creating, modifying, and rearranging windows.Supported — Microsoft Edge (38) / Windows 10 (14393)