Ability to add address bar keyword search to be able to search directly on sites (feature request)

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Apr 27, 2014
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Feature request to be able to create keywords to use in the address bar to search on a site directly.


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    • Having this feature would be the difference between using Edge or one of the other standard browsers. Instead of allocating developer resources toward bothersome pop-ups trashing Firefox and Chrome when I launch them, try adding useful features like this please. I’d love to switch to Edge, but until it has this, it’s unusable for me. Being able to create keyword searches makes my entire browsing experience much faster over time.

    • Any idea when this feature will be available?
      This feature is also a show stopper for me to switch to Edge from Chrome.

      Limiting to a single search engine from the address bar is a severe product limitation.

      Here is how the feature should work:

      1. Allow the user to specify the additional keyword for each of the search engines. The keyword can be from one to many letters. The user should be able to edit the keyword at any time he needs to change it.

      For example, currently I have the following keywords in Google Chrome:

      g for Google
      b for Bing
      y for Yahoo
      a for Amazon
      e for Ebay
      t for Google Translate
      man for Linux man pages
      msdn for Microsoft MSDN
      bug for Intranet Bug Tracking System
      jira for Intel Jira Bug Tracking System

      1. When the user types a keyword in the address bar and hit space after it, the corresponding search engine will be used to search any text the user types after this.

      Hitting the space after keyword - this is what triggers to use the specific search engine.
      If the space is not entered after the keyword, this means that the keyword itself is a search term for the default search engine.

      For example,

      If I type the following text in the address bar:

      g hello word

      then I am searching for the phrase “hello world” using Google.

      If I type: b hello word
      I am searching for the phrase “hello word” using Bing.

      If I type: man strlen
      I am searching for the “strlen” in Linux man pages.

      If I type: msdn strlen
      I am searching for the “strlen” in Microsoft MSDN.

      If I type: bug 1234
      then I am searching for issue 1234 in the Intranet Bug Tracking System.

      If I type: jira 1234
      then I am searching for issue 1234 using Intel Jira Bug Tracking System.

      If I type: jira
      then I am searching for the word “jira” using default search engine.

      As you see, using keywords with the search engines speeds up searches.

    • Same for me: It’s a showstopper at work which makes me go back to using Firefox.
      In order to work fast and fluent it is necessary for me to quickly navigate to a jira issue, search in the local knowledge base (wiki) etc.

    • Damn, I was just setting up edge and searched cause I couldn’t figure out how to add my keywords, thinking if all the other major browsers have this feature they must too. Guess it’s back to Chrome and Firefox for now. When feature comes I can scrap them both for Edge cause it has everything I need…except this feature, and considering the time it saves, well worth using other browser. Bye bye Edge for now!

    • It (No search engine keywords) is the ONLY reason left why I don’t use Edge over Firefox Nightly. The features and customizability of Vivaldi with the smoothness of Edge would be perfect, best compromise for now is Nightly.

    • As fast and clean Edge is, the lack of this feature/ability is a complete show stopper for me. I am far more productive with these shortcuts in IE or Chrome because I can get to what I need/want faster. Edge may be snappier than Chrome but without search shortcuts my productivity takes a hit and I can’t accept that. Hopefully Microsoft addresses this ASAP.

    • This is kind of standard feature in across many browsers, definitely makes the browsing experience much more effective and faster. Waiting for Microsoft to acknowledge this as a potential feature for Edge

    • This feature is a deal breaker for me, too :/
      This is one of the must have features for day-to-day productivity.

    • I would lke to switch browsers, but honestly your still 3+ years behind in features.

    • Sadly, this is a deal breaker. I have been waiting for years for Edge to implement this standard feature.

    • This is a total deal breaker. For the moment i can not switch from Firefox to Edge due to this missing feature.

    • +1 here

    • +1

    • +1

    • #1 Most important missing feature. I use it ALL the time.

    • Every six months when I pull the new Windows 10 update, I check for this feature, and every six months I’m disappointed when it isn’t there… I would strongly consider switching from Firefox if this was implemented, but losing search keywords is nearly as big a disruption to my workflow as losing tabbed browsing would be.

    • +1 for me, too. I desperately need this capability.

    • #1 Most important missing feature.

      • 1
        This is the only reason I still use chrome.
    • I don’t understand, does no one at Microsoft use this feature? Wtf?

    • just got a new windows laptop, thought about using edge. it looked really promising, but just realized that apparently it doesn’t support shortcut search engines which is something I use ALL the time. such a bummer… going back to chrome.

    • +1 This is one of just two simple features keeping me from migrating to Edge as my main browser.

    • I see more complicated updates come in, ones that are irrelevant to me; yet this simple but extremely useful one hasn’t been implemented yet. I don’t get it. It doesn’t give me confidence in the future of the browser - that it will keep up with others as they improve. This improvement is way past due. It’s a basic thing every browser should have. Puzzling that it does not yet. I hope it comes soon.

    • Reported back in 2014, and nothing still. Why has this feature been swept under the rug? This is the only reason I don’t cut Chrome from my life.

    • +1
      This is a must-have and kind of a standard-feature.

    • I still use the officile “IE Quick Search” PowerTool for Internet Explorer 5.5, and it still works, but only in IE not Edge.

      Why is it so hard to offer at least the same level of functionnality when pushing for a new product ?

    • I would use Edge as my daily driver in a heartbeat if it had this one feature. Please add, MS!

    • please add this feature!

    • Would be great to get a comment from Microsoft to this. What does Melissa K. Aug 19, 2015
      Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “External”
      refer to?

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