XmlHttpRequest readyState 4 not triggered for cached (304) response

Not reproducible Issue #101079


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = http://postfix.futurete.ch/test2.html
Repro Steps:
A test page can be found at http://postfix.futurete.ch/test2.html

  1. Create an XHR
  2. Attach an onreadystatechange handler which, in response to readyState 1 triggers send().
  3. Open the XHR to a CORS enabled/cacheable resource
    Expected: readyState 4 triggers
    Actual: readyState 4 triggers first time only

Expected Results:

Calling xhr.send() from an onreadystatechange (when readyState 1) handler should be no different from calling it outside the handler.
An XHR sent to a previously cached resource should trigger readyState 4.

Actual Results:


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