IE 11 randomly crashes when it renders page with frameset

Not reproducible Issue #101430


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Sample source will be attached with this feedback.
In the attached file, there is a video which shows how you can reproduce the issue.

To reproduce the issue,

  1. Copy sample files under localhost, must be under localhost or where you can use url to access the page.
    My case is “http://localhost/frametest.html
  2. Open frametest page with IE11.
  3. Click the text “Test” which will open a popup.
  4. Close the popup window in 1-2 second, basically before browser finishes rendering page.
    Repeat it until it crashes.

As I mentioned the browser crash and recover itself randomly. This issue does not always happen.
You may have to try those steps several times to see the issue.

Expected Results:

Do not crash

Actual Results:


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