IE11 Date.parse() is unable to parse string produced by Date.toLocaleDateString()

Fixed Issue #101495


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = Date.parse(new Date(Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)).toLocaleDateString()) == Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)


Repro Steps:

put the following code into console:

Date.parse(new Date(Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)).toLocaleDateString()) == Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)

Expected Results:

Date.parse() would parse the output of Date.toLocaleDateString().

The following code would produce true:

Date.parse(new Date(Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)).toLocaleDateString()) == Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)

Actual Results:


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    • I’ve just run across this in edge and ie11 on windows 10.

      Date.parse(new Date(Date.parse(“4/16/2014”)).toLocaleDateString())

      is returning null in console.

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