Documentation Mistakes - Timing control for script-based animations ("requestAnimationFrame")

Fixed Issue #101664


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = http://srvr-clw/bugs/66927


Repro Steps:

navigate to : http://srvr-clw/bugs/66927

  1. navigate to the file in IE11, then press f12>Debug tab and refresh the page…

Notice that the sample code has a typo (s in undefined) on the following line.
requestId = window.requestAFrame(render);s <<<<<< s is undefined… typo???

  1. use the Developer tool’s Emulation to test the example in IE8 Mode… then press the ‘Start’ button.

Expected: browser fallbacks to using timer functions I/o animation api… and div is animated.

Actual: script error occurs.

SCRIPT87: Invalid argument.
File: timertests.htm, Line: 19, Column: 9

function render(time) { = ((time - startime) / 4 % 600) + "px";
requestId = window.requestAFrame(render); <<<<< LIne: 19

the div element is not animated and does not move.

Expected Results:

example code should run without scripting errors and should fallback to using legacy timer functions in IE emulation modes where the Timer API functions are unsupported.

Actual Results:


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