IE11 JavaScript: execCommand('foreColor',false,'') does not remove the color style if foreColor was set to #000000 before

Not reproducible Issue #101671


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = http://srvr-clw/65070/


Repro Steps:

1 Create a simple html with a blue link in it
<a href="">Internet Explorer</a>

2 Load the file into IE and open the F12 developer tools to test the execCommand behavior

3 Execute the following JavaScript in the debugger view
var textRange = document.body.createTextRange();

4 Change the foreColor to black (#000000)

5 Try to remove the style

6 Selected text stays black

7 Try the same experiment with a different foreColor than black

8 Setting the foreColor to red and then removing the style works as expected

Expected Results:

execCommand(‘foreColor’,false,’’) to remove the color style

Actual Results:


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